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Savannah Mech Tare Function Scale 5Kg White

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  • Savannah's Mechanical Scale has a large dial for quick and easy weighing and reading, and thanks to its classic vintage style - looks great left out on your benchtop
  • Generous 5 kilogram capacity enables you to measure ingredient weight in 20 gram or 1 ounce graduations -accurate to within 1% so that your cooking remains true to the recipe
  • Along the dial, you'll see metric measurements in black and imperial measurements in red - letting you conveniently and clearly convert measurements in your recipe
  • Unique rotating dial tare function can reset scale to zero, nullifying weight of any bowl or container already on scale. This lets you add and weigh different ingredients progressively
  • Robustly constructed, this attractive and compact scale has a flat stainless steel platform that saves you space and is conveniently removable for easy cleaning