KitchenCraft Master Class Crusty Bake Baguete Tray

Sale price$18.00


Ideal for cooking fresh French baguettes from dough or warming pre-cooked baguettes, nothing quite beats the smell of freshly baked bread. Featuring perforated holes for air circulation, you can guarantee a crispier crust to the baguette with the double non-stick coating ensuring that you can easily remove the finished baking beauty once complete!

A revolutionary new take on the award winning Master Class bakeware that creates the perfect crispy crust with no soggy bottoms. Carefully selected, the Crusty Bake range in Master Class bakeware includes key items for baking and cooking anything dough and pastry related, all are dishwasher, oven, fridge and freezer safe.

Kitchencraft Master Class Crusty bake features a Quantum 2 non-stick coating, with perforated holes for a crusty bake, PFOA, PTFE, BPA free and covered by a Kitchencraft Master Class 20 year guarantee.

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