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Stockholm Mill Walnut 19.5cm

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CrushGrind Mills have revolutionised the industry with their all in one high quality Danish ceramic grinder mechanism that provides brilliant results grinding salt, pepper, dried herbs and spices.
Well known amongst the professional community, an average restaurant may spend 45 minutes filling their mills daily. With CrushGrind's unique easy fill technology, this takes a fraction of the time ensuring efficient and easy refilling for both professionals and home cooks.
Designed to grind salt crystals, whole peppercorns, spices and herbs, each mill locks in the delicate flavours and aromas of each individual ingredient and is
designed to release the scent and taste of their essential oils once grinded to perfection.
Features Of The Stockholm Mill:
  • Perfect for use with all kinds of dried herbs, spices, salt and pepper
  • Scandinavian design with simplicity, functionality and minimalism embodied
  • Stunning natural walnut wood
  • Stockholm No Spill features a gate that closes when grinding is not in use and opens when grinding is in use to avoid spills
  • Includes EasyFill technology
  • Easy adjustable mechanism allows you to decide how fine or coarse your grind will be
  • Highly durable and robust