Pasabahce Sylvana Whisky Double Old Fashioned Set of 6 - 315ml

Sale price$24.95


Embrace old-world refinement with the old-fashioned but always practical design of the Sylvana Whisky DOF, 315ml (Set of 6) from Pasabahce.

  • Made in Egypt with high-quality soda lime glass, the most widely used type of glass in the world, for time-tested durability and reliability
  • Completely food safe for your health and wellbeing
  • Compact shape is great for enjoying both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for versatility to suit the needs of all members of the family
  • Thick base provides stability to prevent toppling and accidental spills — also allows for safe crushing and mashing of other, non-liquid ingredients in your drink
  • Double old fashioned glass with 315ml capacity is perfect for enjoying your favourite spirits, such as whisky, on the rocks or for serving other non-alcoholic drinks with ice for versatility
  • Clear glass construction showcases the colour and effervescence of your drink for a superior drinking experience
  • Comes as a set of six for your convenience
  • Versatile design is perfectly suited to everyday, casual use or for reserving for those extra special occasions to suit your needs

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