Stanley Rogers Bolero Cutlery Set - 56pc

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Stanley Rogers has a wonderful reputation for their quality stainless steel cutlery sets. Catch the light and every eye with the subtly dimpled hand grips of the new BOLERO 56 piece set, created with flair from 18/0 stainless steel. Gift boxed for beautiful presentation and convenient storage, the 8 person table setting will complete the look on your dining table whether it be for a family meal or your next dinner party. Bound to impress, each setting has 8 pieces to cover starters, main course, dessert and tea or coffee. Durability and timeless elegance. Stanley Rogers back their promises with a 25 year guarantee. Set Includes:

8 x Dinner Knives 
8 x Dinner Forks 
8 x Soup Spoons 
8 x Tea Spoons 
8 x Dessert Forks 
8 x Dessert Knives 
8 x Dessert Spoons

In 1930, Stanley Rogers, a young charismatic entrepreneur, made his first mark by opening a small retail store on Elizabeth Street in the heart of Melbourne. While sharpening knives and repairing cutlery, Stanley developed a deep understanding of his customers’ needs and the technical nuances of premium cutlery. Today, Stanley Rogers retains the highest quality and craftsmanship, while their designers are committed to honouring Stanley’s timeless style.

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