Avanti Plastic Juicer With 2 Domes - 400ml

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Get the best and never waste a drop out of your oranges and more with the Avanti Citrus Juicer. It comes with 2 reaming domes to fit all citrus fruit - the detachable large dome is perfect for large oranges and grapefruit and the integrated small dome for lemons and lime. Made from BPA free durable plastic it has a slotted top that filters pips and pith and dispenses the juice into the 400ml capacity base. The base has a handle to help steady the juicer as you squeeze the fruit and a generous spout that allows total control for mess free pouring. 

  • 14cm diamater, 400ml capacity juicer
  • BPA free durable plastic construction
  • Two reaming domes
  • Spout and handle for mess free pouring 

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