Avanti Silicone Lid Cover 29cm - Large

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Simmer your beef or poultry stews without drying them out with the help of this large-sized Avanti Silicone Lid Cover. Use it for covering your saucepan or stew pots to keep steam and moisture in while cooking. With this clever silicone cover, you'll be enjoying tender and flavourful meals at home every time.

Key Features:

  • Large lily pad-shaped lid cover made of durable and flexible silicone
  • Creates an airtight seal when placed on top of smooth-rimmed pans, pots, and bowls
  • Ideal for preventing food splatters when cooking or reheating food
  • Suits both high and low temperatures, making it perfect for keeping moisture in while cooking or storing leftovers in the fridge
  • Reusable kitchen accessory that helps limit the use of aluminium foil and plastic wrap
  • Comes with a hole at the edge for hanging storage

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