Borner V5 PowerLine Slicer Starter Set - White

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Uniform fruit or vegetable cuts are easily done with the Borner V5 PowerLine Slicer Starter Set. The blade inserts included allows you to make up to 10 different cuts, from thick cuts to small cubes to thin strips. Made in Germany, the safety food holder of this mandoline protects your hand while pushing the food towards the ultra-sharp blade.

Key Features:

  • Includes a main slicer unit with release blade button, three blade inserts (blades for thin or thick slices with four thickness levels, 3.5mm and 7mm cubes, and thick or thin strips with two different sizes), a storage box for keeping blade inserts, and a safety food holder
  • Patented V-knife designed mandoline that gives 10 different fruit and vegetable cuts with superior results
  • Slicing insert can be adjusted to cut food into 1.2mm, 2.8mm, 5mm, and 7mm thick slices
  • Ultra-sharp blade makes it possible to slice softer food items like tomatoes with minimal effort
  • Safety food holder has an adjustable knob to push food towards the blade for minimal waste
  • Rubber feet ensure a stable, non-slip leverage while slicing
  • Comes with security locks and features for safe, efficient, and compact storage
  • Perfect for your salads, healthy chips, pickled produce, stir-fries, and more
  • Made in Germany

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