Cookie Cutter - T-Rex Baby 12cm - Orange

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What better way to cap off a dinosaur-themed party than to have T-rex cookie giveaways for your little guests. Using the T-rex baby D.Line Cookie Cutter and your foolproof sugar cookie recipe, you can make simple yet yummy thank-you gifts that will surely have kids smiling from ear to ear. Get kitchen creative and make colourful baked dinos a part of your fun celebrations.

Key Features:

  • Durable cookie cutter made of tin plate shaped into a baby T-rex
  • Reusable cookie cutter that is also easy to clean by hand
  • Ideal for shaping and cutting your sugar cookies, baked cakes, marzipan, and rolled fondant
  • Ideal for making baked treats to celebrate birthdays and themed parties
  • Perfect for dressing up your holiday food gifts and dessert buffets with beautifully shaped treats

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