SOGA Floor Recliner Folding Lounge Sofa Futon Couch Folding Chair Cushion White x4

Sale price$369.95


Product Description

  • This sofa has 6 different angle of fine adjustment for providing support to spine, neck and waist.
  • Soft plush fabrics with chopped memory foam blend inside. The colorful color is very relaxing and casual décor.
  • The back rest can fold to six position from flat to 90 degrees for storage or comfort, you can choose the most comfortable angel according to your demand.
  • Good to use at home or office.
  • Easy to store, great for small homes, bedroom and office. Good sofa for watching Movie/TV, gaming, relax after work, nap or midday rest in office.
  • Color: Whiite
  • Size: 100cmX45cmX8cm
Package Includes:
  • 4 x Folding Cushion
  • 1 x Carton Box

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