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Kitchencraft Food Saver Vegetables Bag - 20cm

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Ever suffocated an onion? Do you bring them home from the shops or the markets in a plastic bag (gasp!), or a reusable produce bag, and throw them in the fridge to keep them “fresh” and prevent those little extraneous knobbly bits from growing out of them?

How about a potato? We bet you’ve done it to a potato. Or if not in the fridge, at the bottom of a dark cupboard in a container, to be forgotten and lost to carrying a slight tinge of green for all of eternity.

These Food Saver Bags from Kitchen Craft are made from jute and are the perfect storage choice for your Onions, Potatoes and other Vegetables. They allow your fresh produce to breathe naturally and consequently, lasting longer, and thankfully resist sprouting.

We know you agree with us when we say they’re attractive enough to keep on the benchtop, but you might also like to hang them in your panty as an eye-catching feature. Each bag has a black-out, breathable liner, and a drawstring top to keep the contents safe and sound, fresh for longer.

Construction: Jute
Dimensions: 20 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm
Draw string fabric top closure