Krosno Duet Martini Glass Set of 2 - 170ml

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The set of two 170ml Krosno Duet Martini Glass is distinctively cone-shaped to enhance the flavour of cocktails such as martinis by assisting prevention of ingredients mixing. The long stem prevents your hand from warming your cocktail to ensure the taste integrity of your beverage. Featuring a chip-resistant edge & an elegantly tall stem, these glasses are crafted of premium crystalline glass for added brilliance & strength. Krosno was founded in the Polish town of Krosno in 1923 on the principal of quality & refined beauty, & is now an internationally recognised leader of quality glassware worldwide.

  • Set of 2 x Martini Glass Glasses
  • Dimensions: D12 x H20.5cm
  • Capacity: 170ml
  • Made from Premium Crystalline Glass
  • Distinctively cone-shaped to enhance flavour
  • Long stem prevents your hand warming your cocktail
  • Made in Poland
  • Lead free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Gift boxed

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