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Rectangular Storage Baskets - Set of 2

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Set of two rectangular Water Hyacinth baskets with a woven pattern.

Hand-woven from Water Hyacinth reeds, this duo of flat-bottomed baskets will stand upright and open. And the structure is fortified with a metal frame for added stability.

It's perfect for holding newspapers, pot plants, small umbrellas, and other small household items. 

Water may damage the paint in the basket, please do not put it in a damp place.


Large: 46W x 33L x 35H* cm
Large basket inside width 30cm (at smallest point)
Large basket inside depth 18cm (at smallest point)

Medium: 38W x 28L x 29H* cm 
Medium basket inside width 27cm (at smallest point)
Medium basket inside depth 17cm (at smallest point)