Don’t get me wrong, I am biased... but I think Sir John’s Gifts is a great place to work, shop, sit and have a coffee with a piece of cake, while surrounding yourself with beautiful homewares and so much more.

Sir John’s Gifts has been trading on Carlisle Street in Balaclava for the past 45 years and with its large, supportive and loyal local customer base it has grown into a great place to walk through, relax and enjoy a great shopping experience. Good old fashioned “Retail Therapy”.

In-store, the shopping experience is new, modern and enjoyable. You can start by getting a coffee at our in-store café where our barista can explain about coffee, our coffee blend, the instruments we use and the glasses we serve in because everything we use in our café is for sale in store.

You can either, run in and grab what you need, (our staff work as quick as you need us to), or you can enjoy our 3 different sitting areas: out the front and enjoy the people-watching on the street, in- store surrounded by beautiful homewares, or out the back in our courtyard surrounded by our garden and outdoor products. You are bound to get swept away with the magic in the retail theatre at Sir John’s Gifts.

Our “Stock & Product” business model is simple and perfect for customers. Our buyer travels around the country, and the world, looking for a mix between: new, fresh and ground-breaking products, as well as buying specials and clearance items to offer our customers the best products and the lowest prices possible.

We try our hardest to be different and a leader in the environment in which we retail in. However, we do a lot the same as other stores but just BETTER. We are known for and are so good at:

  • Retail – Domestic & Commercial.
  • As well as servicing local customers we have a huge customer base from all around Australia.
  • We service restaurants.
  • We service real-estate agents & developers that rent out fully furnished apartments.
  • We provide advice and products to offices and local businesses.
  • We cater for 1000’s of in-store customers each week.
  • We are proud to stock and supply the biggest brands and have the biggest ranges in the kitchen and homeware industry.
  • Over 6,000 different products, in 50 different departments, all shown over 400 square meters of retail space.
  • With new stock arriving daily it keeps everything changing.
  • In-store Café selling coffees, cakes, smoothies & juices can be enjoyed in 3 different seating areas.
  • We are focused and proud to provide friendly and helpful service and advice, backed up with years of experience.
  • Extra services including: knife sharpening, photo printing, home delivery and complimentary gift wrapping.
  • Our values and beliefs: Honest, ethical, reliable, passionate, inspired, committed, forever expanding and extending service.

If you are an online customer, thank you and I am glad we could provide you with what you needed from the comfort of your home or office. If you are an instore customer, or want to just pop in, it’s great to see you and work with you. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did serving you.

Have a lovely shopping experience,

Regards Dean Auslender
Owner and Operator

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