Cookie Cutter - Teddy Bear 7.75cm - Brown

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Add a sprinkle of sweetness to your baking with the Teddy Bear Cookie Cutter. This adorable cutter, shaped like a charming teddy bear and measuring 7.75cm, is perfect for creating small to medium-sized cookies or fondant decorations that exude warmth and nostalgia. Its brown color adds a cozy touch to your baking endeavors, making every treat a cuddly delight. Crafted from durable and food-safe plastic, this cutter ensures both safety and longevity, promising countless baking adventures filled with joy. Whether you're hosting a baby shower, celebrating a child's birthday, or simply indulging in some baking fun, this cookie cutter is sure to bring smiles and happiness to bakers and guests alike. Unleash your creativity and bake treats that capture the innocence and charm of childhood with every bite!

  • Design: Adorable teddy bear-shaped cookie cutter, perfect for various baking projects.
  • Size: Measures 7.75cm, suitable for creating small to medium-sized cookies or fondant decorations.
  • Color: Brown color adds warmth and nostalgia to the teddy bear-shaped cutter.
  • Material: Crafted from durable and food-safe plastic for safe and long-lasting use.
  • Versatility: Ideal for cutting cookies, biscuits, fondant, and more, offering flexibility in baking.
  • Theme: Suited for baby showers, children's parties, or adding a cute touch to baked goods.
  • Brand: Manufactured by an unspecified brand known for reliable baking utensils.

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