Cookie Cutter - Triceratops Baby 10.8cm - Yellow

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Being creative when baking is definitely easier when you have the D.Line Cookie Cutter in your tool collection. Thanks to its detailed shape and corners, you can enjoy colouring your baked triceratop-shaped cookies with coloured icing. Wrap up your creation as gifts and impress your friends with your baking and decorating skills.

Key Features:

  • Durable cookie cutter made of tin plate shaped into a baby triceratops
  • Reusable cookie cutter that is also easy to clean by hand
  • Ideal for shaping and cutting your sugar cookies, baked cakes, marzipan, and rolled fondant
  • Ideal for making baked treats to celebrate certain causes
  • Perfect for dressing up your holiday food gifts and dessert buffets with beautifully shaped treats

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