Feeder Auto Automatic Chook Poultry Treadle Self Opening Coop

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Need constant reminders to feed the chooks? Or having trouble with keeping pests away from the chicken feed? Well, fret no more with our Automatic Chicken Feeder. Made of rust-roof galvanized steel, this automatic feeder ensures your precious chooks can have their meals anytime and always in supply. The feeder comes with a weight-operated lid that requires a weight of at least 2kg on the platform to open the lid. That means no pesky rats, mice or birds to peck away the feed. And that also means that your chooks can help themselves to the feed just by stepping on the self-activated platform and not missing any mealtimes when you slipped your mind about feeding them. Totally convenient and hassle-free. Better still, the large 5kg feed capacity also ensures less frequent top-ups. Not least, the feeder is easy to maintain with skid-resistant surfaces for steady footing and smooth edges for safe use for every chicken in your care.

Features:Rust-proof Weight-operated lid Smooth edges Solid construction Low maintenance Large 5kg feed capacity Suitable for most bantams

Specifications:Material: Galvanized steel Feeding capacity: 5kg approximately Required weight to open lid: 2kg Size:Please check gallery pictures Colour: Silver

Package Contents:1 X Automatic Chicken Feeder 

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