i.Pet Portable Folding Pet Ramp (Cars) - Black

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i.Pet Portable Folding Pet Ramp (Cars) - Black

The Pet Ramp is made of durable, heavy-duty plastic to handle even the most robust use. Each part is designed to be slip resistant and the entire ensemble can carry up to 80kg in capacity. Additionally, it is lightweight and can be closed into a singular compact unit with a handle for easy storage.


* Injury prevention

* Great for traveling

* Slip-resistant surface

* Folding function

* Compact design

* Reliable support

* Handy handle

* Lightweight

* Durable plastic

* Suitable for any vehicle

* Up to 80kg capacity


* Colour: Black

* Material: Durable plastic

* Closed size: 42cm x 40cm x 25cm

* Opened size: 40cm x 152 cm

* Product weight: 3.8 kg

* Weight capacity: 80kg

Package Content:

1 x Foldable Ramp

1 x Assembly Manual

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