Knife Sharpening Service

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At Sir John’s Gifts we are committed to serving our customers in all aspects of their home and kitchen needs.

We have Peter from B&S Mobile Sharpening Service come in-store every second Tuesday to sharpen domestic and commercial equipment and tools. 

Our customers have the added benefit of being instructed about the correct maintenance of their tools and equipment for prolonged lifespan and best use.

We cater to everyone, from cafes and restaurants, schools, workplaces and residents at home.

Please check out sharpening dates below and confirm via phone, email or book in online 24 hours beforehand. All knives must be in store on the day by 10am, or before, and may be picked up by 5pm on that day.

Cost is:

$10 per knife

$12 per workshop tool

$14 per garden equipment
unless advised differently from our professional sharpener.


February: 27th

March:  26th

April:  23rd 

May:  21st

June:  18th

July: 16th

August: 13th 

September: 10th 

October: 8th

November: 5th

December: 3rd 

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