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Yoga 4.5mm Mat Standard - Purple 60x173cm

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Considered the most valuable tool for hatha yoga. Economy Budget Yoga mats provide a stable non-slip surface for beginners, home practice, studio or padding under another mat. We like to offer the best choice. These mats are very popular as they are a little bit thicker and much nicer to work on than the Starter 3.5mm mat. 

Lightweight and durable, they offer insulation from cool floors and can be rolled or folded for use in required poses. This mat is great for yoga beginners who do not want to invest much money into a mat. Also suitable for travelling (weighs only 1.2kg).


  • 60cm x 173cm

  • 4.5mm thick

  • 1.2kg

  • Washable

  • Individually wrapped

  • Great for meditation

  • Latex free

  • Suitable for hard floors & carpet